Monday, May 19, 2008

Day's Learning

May 19, 2008
ICT Training

First Topic - Ecommerce by Gwen Nava
- ecommerce - all transactions including emailing, SMS, faxing
- mentoring - upload training materials and modules, blogging
- blog - online journal
- online branch
- PC penetration - how many has pc and internet connections at home?
- DSL - dial sa landline - with gmail account

Consideration for creating a website:
- appearance - appealing to the eyes, not clutered, details of the site
- technicality - user's expereince
- line of products - focused, not too overwhelming to the user
- marketing point - what will be the consideration in marketing the site?
- functionality - must be based on a business plan on what works and what not
- market niche
- expereince
- administration
- domain name (name of the site)- cohesive with the services provided
- hosting - line, e.g. pldt
- sig-up with all the dots to ensure that all domain names are consistent with the products/services
- check domain name at

.com - commerce
.org - organization
.net - network
.biz - business - blogger

for comparison of sites for services, visit the following sites:
- the grape bunch
- absolute traders
- citiseconline


thegrapebunch said...

Hi Adette!

DSL's real meaning is Digital Subscriber Line which technically means = technology transmits data over phone lines without interfering with voice service. ;)
The "Dial Sa Landline" is actually "Dial Up", masked as DSL which is meant to be a joke. Apologies for not being clear here.. :)

Dianga said...

Hi Gwen,

Thanks for the clarification. I liked the joke =)